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Has the Keystone Arts Space been looked at? Community Woodshop LA is there as well as a welder and 3D Printer/Laser Cutter shop. Both the welder and cutter/printer offer basic classes.
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It would be great to find an independent space in Pasa-, Alta- or Baja-dena. Deezmaker promised a hackerspace, but that is still “coming soon”:

The Exploratory is an amazing all-ages makerspace, but if you’re not a stay-at-home or homeschooler and you don’t live on the West Side, then it is next to impossible to take advantage of their extensive and excellent programs.

Could this happen in the ’denas?

The ’denas have CalTech, JPL, the Art Center and an intense entrepeneurial community. There is a long tradition in technology and the arts.

There is an Arduino/robotics meetup meeting weekly there, and the Friday morning Innovate Pasadena meetup sells out nearly every week.

I wasn’t aware of the PCC makerspace, but I know that Washington Middle School has just put in a state-of-the art CAD and 3D printing lab right next to a mechanical engineering/robotics lab as part of their STEAM magnet program.
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Julie is spot on. It would be great if they found a home in Pasadena. There are growing entrepreneurial and maker communities in Pasadena with very few outlets. PCC just opened a small, but decent space, but you have to be in one of their classes to use their facilities. Would be willing to help out with volunteering at a Pasadena (or other SGV) location from time to time.
posted about this on Facebook 2014-01-25 19:51:16 -0800
LA Makerspace - they have moved, but should have a new spot soon. Wish they would find a space in Pasadena!
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Thank you
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