LA STEAM Nonprofits: Let's Get Together at DML!!

An open invitation to LA STEAM education nonprofits, and anyone else who's interested in maximizing impact and efficiency in LA STEAM ed;


We're presenting a workshop at the DML Cafe on Saturday, and thought it would be the perfect time to gather some of L.A.'s STEAM education nonprofits for an informal lunch to discuss creating a network to help us work better together. 

The lunch will be held from 1-2pm, Saturday June 13th, at SPIN @ the Standard Hotel, (550 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071), so that everyone can attend even if they're not going to the conference -- But, be aware that admission to the DML Cafe is just $50 for educators and you will learn SO MUCH cool stuff!

Hope to see you there! Look for us at the Ping Pong tables!



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Scratch Squad Saturday!


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LA Makerspace Wants You


LA Makerspace is Hiring! Robotics/Electronics, Creative Computing, and Minecraft Instructors! As well as a Part-Time Program Assistant to support all of the above. Job descriptions after the jump; send your resumes to

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Google <3 LAM Scratch Squad

One of the newest LA Makerspace initiatives - the Scratch Squad - has already won an award.  The Scratch Squad is a group of tech savvy young people who are interested in spreading the word about coding. Kids age 10-17 have volunteered to help teach Scratch classes around the city. Brian Foley, and education professor from CSUN, is organizing the group and has been prepping the Squad on how to teach coding with the LAM curriculum. 

Check out this video made by one of the Scratch Squad members:

This week Google announced that the LA Makerspace Scratch Squad (#LAMSS) are one of 37 recipients from around the world (12 in North America) to receive the Google RISE grants for 2015. Google RISE supports innovative programs to teach Computer Science to underrepresented groups. They liked the kids-teaching-kids model of the Scratch Squad and are eager to see how it works in LA and if it can be replicated in other places. The grant provides funding for the Squad and support from Google to get the word out about its work. 

Are you or someone you know interested in coding and learning Scratch? You can request a class from the Scratch Squad. Any teens that know Scratch or coding (Scratch is easy to learn or relearn) can still apply to join the LAMSS.


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Citizen science and solar fuels

One of the most important pillars of modern civilization, without which we wouldn't have a large portion of our energy and materials, are mined hydrocarbons.  Over the past two centuries we have developed an ever-increasing ability to extract coal, oil, and gas from the Earth's crust and turn it into everything from fuel, to plastic, and fertilizers.  Without our ability to find and use all of these carbon-based fuels our modern civilization would collapse very quickly, and yet the environmental cost of extracting and using the stuff may make it increasingly difficult to justify our current path.

Before humans got really good at industry the Earth had been running on a carbon cycle where plants would take up carbon dioxide and other processes, such as animals breathing and the eruption of volcanoes, would produce a roughly equivalent amount of the stuff.  This process was only roughly equivalent as some plants were buried and slowly turned into coal, tar, and methane over the eons.  When industrial civilization took off we as a species figured out how to take all those millions of year of energy, in essence fossilized sunlight, and use it for everything from electricity generation to artificial fertilizer.

This has been a pretty neat trick for the past few hundred years, but what if we could skip the step in the cosmic cookbook that reads something like ,"Bury plants for 300 million years.  Season with sulfur to taste.  Extract after the invention of the internal combustion engine."



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Job Alert!

Los Angeles Makerspace is seeking an Instructor Lead in the area of Creative Computing. Creative Computing includes activities related to coding and electronics using tools like Scratch and AppInventor. Instructor will be intimately involved in curriculum development as well as instructing all-ages groups, and conducting train-the-trainers sessions with LAPL librarians. Ideal candidate possesses the following traits:


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In Summary

Hi All -- 

We hope you are off having a wonderful New Year's Day and keeping warm. Thank you so much for riding along on this Kickstarter journey with all the posts, and all the cats. Speaking of which, hope to see you at this (kids get in free! a free good thing! take it!).

We wanted to share these words of a Kickstarter backer, because they expressed so much better than we could what's in our hearts after this awesome year of growth for LA Makerspace:

"Hey, thanks for sharing this. I know I’m late to the party, but I just chipped in. Hopefully it helps them hit their stretch goals. 

"I grew up in a family without scientists and engineers, and I really wish that as a child I had had more encouragement to see that science could be fun or relevant for my daily life (and not just something to be learned out of a textbook for an exam). 

Now that I’ve got a young library-going son at home, but still no scientists or engineers in the family, I really hope that projects like this one can help encourage his scientific curiosity, and the scientific curiosity of other kids who might not otherwise be exposed to science and engineering. Anyway, Happy New Year!"

Our face when we read that.

That very kind anonymous person who gave his permission to share this with you, just said in a nutshell, the best description of what LA Makerspace can achieve, with your help, in the year to come. 

We can make science and technology fun and relevant to daily life. 

We can help encourage curiosity, and we can expose kids to innovation who might otherwise never discover its joys. 

We—the Kickstarter backers, the other donors, the volunteers, the instructors, the Board and Advisors, the enthusiastic and passionate librarians—can be the scientists and engineers in the family for all the kids in L.A. who need us. 

With our warmest thanks, hugs, well wishes for the new year, and looking forward to keeping in touch in 2015 with all the good news to come,


Your LAM Family 


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$1=1 Vote


Here is today's -- Our stretch goal is to increase our number of backers, even for $1, to show support for the concept of libraries as places to democratize skills for digital literacy and innovation. Please keep sharing!!


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Kickstarter Update and New Minecraft at the Library Video

Well, as those who've been following it already know, yesterday was the tipping point for the Kickstarter!! Thanks to an Angel donor who gave $5000, we got a ton of other backers join in and push us all the way to just $3500 left to go!

Definitely not time to get complacent though—Not just because it's never over til fat lady etc., but also because:

Every dollar over goal is a vote telling the whole world that this is what we want our libraries to be.

So please think of that—and then share the HECK out of the new vid about Minecraft in the Library on our Kickstarter front page! Starring an LA Makerspace family many of you might know, it's the best combination of cute and cogent since Johnny 5 came alive.


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